The production process follows nine different distinct stages, which are summarized below.

Stage I

Receipt of raw and packaging materials

The first stage of the production process involves the receipt of raw materials and packaging materials to be used as a basis for the manufacture of our products. Raw materials for the production of the finished products include: flour, milk, cheese, cream cheese, eggs vegetables etc.

Stage II

Qualitative and quantitative control

During the second stage a qualitative and quantitative testing of raw materials and packaging materials is accomplished. This stage is the main stage of the quality assurance of the produced products, because at this stage materials that does not comply with the approved specifications are excluded and accordingly the forwarding to the next stages of the production process is avoided. Our firm applies a system of evaluation of suppliers in order to evolve a safe method for the determination of suppliers with the highest reliability.

Stage III’

Separation – Storage

At this stage the separation of raw and packaging materials is carried out and are arranged in respective storage materials. All products from the raw materials require to be held in a refrigerator directly placed in the appropriate place.

Stage IV’

Weighing raw materials before mixing

In the fourth step the weighing of raw materials is carried out, wherein the participation ratio differs for each type of dough. All products are pre-weighed before being placed in the mixer and the quantities are calculated according to the recipe that exists for each pie.

Stage V’


After weighing the raw materials and ensure that the proportions are balanced they are mixed in a special mixing machine. The mixing is done at a different speed depending on the type of the end product and the quality of the final dough. The homogeneous mixtures are fermented in a dough machine.

Stage VI’

Production of the “filo”

After the final shaping of the different types of dough, the first opening of the “filo” at the appropriate machine is following. Here alongside the “filo” ,  flour is added to the pie.

Stage VII’


At this stage the pies are placed in the freezer (shock) and within 20 are fully frozen. This process ensures minimal loss of nutrients and moisture of the pie.

Stage VIII’


To maintain the high quality of all products produced the packaging in special food wrapper is following , in which packaged frozen pies soon leave the shock-freezer. Very important phase of the production process is the packaging and the proper storage of finished products. Proper packing is essential as it keeps all the company's products in their original condition long enough before consumption.

Stage IX’

Storage of finished products

Immediately after packing the products they are stored in chillers and remain there until their mission to end consumers. In this way the product remains fresh and retains all the vitamins and nutrients that it has when it is fresh.

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